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Customer Feedback

Some of the feedback we have recieved lately...


"thank goodness the squeak can be replaced. My boy loves them but the cuteness wore off pretty quickly when he started stomping around the place!!Also thanks for the two great shoes. Awesome value, amazing product, great info and great service. Will definitely shop here again and recommend to my friends." Emma


"My order arrived this morning at 9:30 and my 14 month old has been wearing her shoes all day! They fit beautifully, and look so cute.  They are the only pair of shoes she's left on for longer than an hour.  I am impressed with the quality and the price.  It's crazy what some places charge for little kids shoes, so I'm grateful I can place my orders with you from now on.  These shoes are great because they are not too high, and so she is more stable in them. They are also nice and soft, but with a sole substantial enough for walking.
Thank you"  
Melissa D.


"The shoes are gorgeous and its my little girls 1st birthday party tomorrow and she’ll be wearing them then. Grace carries them around everywhere and is insisting she wears them all the time too, very cute. Excellent customer service and very prompt delivery, absolutely perfect!" Corrine


"We went to the playground this morning and my daughter left them (the sunglasses) on the whole time... that's never happened before. They're fantastic sunglasses. They stay on no problem without the strap. I was a bit hesitant to spend that much money on sunglasses but they're worth every penny." Tracy


"Hi I just want to thank you for the prompt service I received from you this week I am a first time customer and I'm so impressed I was very much impressed how you made my parcel feel personal by including a card addressed to just me. I love the items I ordered for my wee girl and I'll definitely be ordering again and the socks especially because Sadie is very tiny for her age and socks are always baggy on her feet. Thank you very much. Kindest regards"  Melissa.


"Hi Kylla,  the shoes arrived Friday and fit perfectly.  Thanks for such an easy exchange - buying online can often be unnerving when it comes to returns or exchanges.
thanks again" 


"Thanks the shoes are gorgeous and really good quality. I was really impressed with the quick service and free shipping and would definitely buy again :-)" Clare.


"we have received the shoes very quickly, thank you! And my son loves them." I.Melnik


"I must say your shoes are fabulous... This is Isabelle's 4th pair - they seem so comfortable and she loves them!! :) if we tell her to get shoes and not specify which ones she always gets her two little feet ones... She uses them all the time and they are so durable that we have never had any trouble with them wearing through or anything... Helps that they look gorgeous too :) even my husband doesn't complain if I want to get her a new pair ;):)" M Martin


"Socks arrived today, excellent service! " E Cunningham


"Thanks heaps for the awesome shoes I just got! The quality is second to none and my daughter loves them. She needs supportive shoes as she has suffered from low muscle tone and her ankles roll in, your shoes holds her feet how they should be and no doubt will help her build the strength needed to stop them rolling in. Thanks again."  Melina L


"These shoes are really great for first walkers. They are made of a really soft leather and mold to the shape of my girls feet. She finds it really easy to crawl and pull herself to a standing position, then she can take a few steps and not trip over her feet, or shoes with hard soles. I'm really happy with the brand, and the colours and style are very cute. The shoes look well made...." Fiwi Mum


"We are really happy with the quality of the shoes. One stand out feature was how easy they were to put on, which is great when you have a wriggler like my son." - Monique


"My little girl’s pair arrived at the perfect time! She had been walking holding on to the furniture at home, and after a week she had the shoes she actually started walking on her own. These shoes have been perfect for this “learning to walk” stage as they are made of nice soft leather, which enables her to walk with them on while all the other pairs she has have hard soles, which are tricky for her to walk with them on.
I love how cute and fashionable they are and also how easy it is to clean them – all you need is a quick wipe, making them a convenient option for little crawlers who get their shoes dirty from too much crawling ☺" 
-  Renata

"Great quality soft leather shoes, light weight and easy to put on as they open up and a wide fit. They stay on and he can't pull them off! " - Bess


"Great shoes! They are cute, look smart and appear to be very well made quality, leather shoes. Perfect for my wee man learning to walk. They are a lovely light shoe and a good fit on his feet. The sole is sturdy but not too firm giving support but allowing plenty of movement and they do not inhibit his wobbly steps at all." -  JP Muir


"Thank you so much for sending us the gorgeous shoes. Little Maddi (2yrs 8months) was so excited to put them on and absolutely loves the squeak! They are so pretty and Maddi has promised to look after her 'very special' shoes. Thanks again" - Rhonwyn & Maddie


"I received the shoes this morning – they are beautiful!!!  Thanks also for the gingerbread man." - Ame


"I am absolutely thrilled with the little shoes, as is Ariadne, and her Mummy and Da !  Little bubs had to put them on straight away, (with squeals of delight!) and they fit her nicely with room for growth, so she will be able to use them for a good while, which is great!
We also loved the way you had packed the shoes up in the pretty box, with the yummy gingerbread man on top, and the eco-store hand cream sample. Thank you so much for these, and for your prompt and excellent service - will be happy to shop with you again in the nearest future, and to let our friends know about you as well."
 - Jenni


"Thankyou so much the shoes are perfect and we really appreciated the VIP service given to us!" - Kay